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You’re probably going to spend 21.8 percent of your waking hours devoted to work. That’s a big chunk of your lifetime! So finding a career that brings personal fulfillment plus pays the bills is vital. The right job can make you happy; it’s just a matter of matching your goals with your skills and personality. will help you with career advice on your job search to find a rewarding career.

My Career Guide offers career advice and job search articles to select the right career path. Career advice and career assessment tools help you to find your potential and move ahead with your desired career path.

feature article: Build a More Meaningful Career

Millions of people go to work every day at jobs they hate. Hopefully, you’re not one of them! But if you are, you know the negative affect it has on your personal life. Perhaps it’s time to do some soul-searching and identify your true purposes so you can get on the road to career happiness. Read more >
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FREE MAPP Appraisal

The MAPP Motivation Appraisal of personal Potential reveals the real you. Find out what kinds of work you’re most qualified for from the standpoint of your personality, your interests and your goals. This is an essential first step for serious career planners, career changers and prospective college students. See how >

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