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You have special character traits, motivations, personal values, talents and behaviors that set you apart from every other individual on the planet. These qualities make you "you". Using our career assesment tools, you can measure you qualities and identify the types of careers that will make you happy and successful. And steer you away from jobs that are likely to be dead-ends.

featured Career Assessment tool: FREE MAPP Appraisal

The MAPP Motivation Appraisal of personal Potential reveals the real you. Find out what kinds of work you're most qualified for from the standpoint of your personality, your interests and your goals. This is an essential first step for serious career planners, career changers and prospective college students. Go > Career Assessment Tools
My Career Guide offers career assessment tools for your career assessment. Career assessments can help you to identify skills and talent inside you. is your true career finder with plenty of career advice, articles and tools for career assessment.


First Day on a New Job? Seven Tips for Success

You spent ten years with one company. Now you've switched to a new organization -- and possibly a new career. Your challenge is not only to learn but also to release old patterns that won't serve you well here. Here are seven tips to help you master this transition. Read article >

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